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  As such, career prospects are substantially far more lucrative for MBA pupils in Asia. A lot of corporations are beginning to eye up chances to set up their headquarters in rating the market there.

  Singapore is residence to about 4200 firm regional headquartersfrom LinkedIn and Twitter to GlaxoSmithKlinecompared to only 1389 in Hong Kong and 470 in Shanghai, in accordance to Cushman & Wakefield.

  Singapore is well-positioned at the crossroads of Asia, connecting the major regional powerhouses of China, India, and Southeast Asia. Singapore has a distinct appeal for those eyeing up international business; that English is the most commonly-spoken language there is significant.The easy-to-read guide of Hong Kong bed measurements offers queen size and single bed dimensions.

  At (NUS), graduates have a 94% rate of employment in the three months after graduation.

  NUS MBA college students enjoy a 131% salary increase, higher than top US and European competitors like Wharton (114%), MIT Sloan (107%), and London Business School (102%), according to the 2019 Financial Times Global MBA rankings.

  That multinational businesses are growing in Asian countries like Singapore is only strengthening the appeal for international pupils to study there88% of NUS MBA pupils are international.

  If you go to any other market place, you are diving into a large domestic current market, meaning that the MBA programs will have a strong domestic focus, notes professor Jochen Wirtz, vice dean of graduate studies at NUS.

  Tech is fast becoming one of the biggest employers for MBA graduates, and where is tech far more exciting than in Asia.

  Outside of Silicon Valley, nowhere is as exciting and dynamic overall as what you are seeing in Asia, Jochen says.

  Asia alone accounts for 55% of internet users globally, and is expected to contribute largely to the next billion users expected to come online by 2021. Factors this kind of as high GDp growth and a growing middle class are all contributing conditions for the rapid tech growth that Asia is seeing.

  Southeast Asia is already property to eight unicorn startups, two of which are based in Singapore Grab, a ride-hailing and food delivery app, and Garena, a digital entertainment platform.

  At NUS, new specializations on the MBA program are factoring in innovations which are taking place in the business world, including courses on data analytics and digital business.

The top MBA Hong Kong Ranking university prides itself in its continuous efforts to remain relevant and it has managed to do so by investing in innovation.


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