~ rokku happiness+CL+karaoke( pics heavy)

hello diamonds ~ {英語で}

i havent updated with the acrylic nails the other day cuz i went to this point

then i did a very cute " mermaid /purple x pink gradient" BUT DECIDED TO TRY DOING A FUCKING RIBON WITH ACRYLIC PASTE ... cute at first ... then a MESS

I had a volcano on my finger

Taking it off has been funnier cuz i like risk and i was in a " if u do it wrong BYE BYE finger " situation with sissors VS a giant hard vulcano on my poor. natural nail

ihih but sissors won

I took them all off and decided to retry before leaving for Sweden ( on Tue)

this is yesterdays outfit~ LOVED IT

top and skirtchinese shops

jacket by tally

i forgot to take a video of the hair but it was veryyy cute ~ well u can see a bit of it

the choker has been made up by me

For makeup pics just wit few seconds( its in the circle lenses review)

BTW here i made a shooped pic to explain the style

I really like my makeup to be like this :

feel way sexier without lashes

On thu i went shopping in Milan and bought circle lenses , 2 tops , 2 outers /jackets ,a ring , 5 chokers,two pair of sunglasses and a lovely scarf ...

i just show u the lenses, one of the jackets and the d.i.a style top

the lenses are very compfty and cute!!

they got leo pattern and are REDDISH

Flex Wear

at first i wasnt a RED ENTUSIAST ~ but now ... well i really like them !!

DESIGN X/5 ; pattern is lovely ( who doesnt like leoprint?!) and color is very strong

ENLARGEMENT/5 ; got big eyes naturally and love 16/17mm effect lenses a lot ~

COMPFORT/5 ; after my abrasion I really hoped tthem to be perfect and tthey are ~ wore them for many many hours yesterday ( 14 i guess) .



( i dont wear any fake eyelashes , just my new wet mascara)

natural light ~ love them

here is the d.i.a style top i found in a shop~

aint it fab???

the shop had also this dress but iended up buying it online ( the merchant in milan told me 50/66USD, online i found it at 8USD ) here there isnt any string but it holes to put a silky one crossed on the back that is the most lovely feature of this dress imho

ENJOY THE PERFECT string i made with the pen

this dress is gnna arrive while in Sweden as other 3 packs ( 1 is a large order of lashes , one is my CELGA one and anothrer got some eco supplies)

i told celga to ship directly to Fredrik from agepoyo.blogspot.com since ill spend my Scandinavian experience with that lovely man he is so cute and kind !!

Ill also meet Daniel finallyyy ~ aaa two blondes and a choko

~ the jacket i found at TALLY WEIJL got lace sleeves and heart shaped charm~

u can see also the pink one .


in those shops they always try to give me an M or L as top pieces size cuz of the boobs but i got an S yay for peite bone structures ~

Yesterday I wore the top and the jacket for KK DIAMANTEsister 's bday

Jay is 19 now ~ OLDWOMAN pedos dont like u nymore

this is the only decent pic LOL

we went to a ktv ( karaoke)and had a wonderful crazy time dancing and singing

BUT WE WERE SHOUTING AT T.O.P Nd other BIG BANG members 80% of the time ~my hair is messy for that reason lol




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