Innovatively launch a comprehensive RISC-V computer architecture course

University comprehensive courses include textbooks and hands-on exercises for students to rely on the Western Digital SwerRV main station
Creativity Technologies has taken the entire course of study of RISC-V personal computer architecture as part of its Creativity University Program (IUP) for undergraduates’ guidance. The program relies on the SwerRV open source RISC-V core developed by Western Electronic and sold by Codasip.

The "RVfpga: Understanding PC Architecture" course contains a lot of instructional materials and simple exercise routines to help your students understand the real key aspects of processor architecture, such as IP cores, modifying the RISC-V main system and its microarchitecture .

The RVfpga learning course not only improves the understanding of RISC-V processors, but also enhances the understanding of RISC-V ecosystem and RISC-V SoC. This course has a deep understanding of industrial-strength processor architecture and attractive technologies, and can prove beneficial to all learners through its tutorials and marketing expertise. "

It includes a teacher's guide, a student manual, 10 comprehensive laboratories, test resources, sample exam questions, and all related IP and applications. For full or partial use, resource files of all elements are provided. This flexible and open method allows tuition institutions to teach fully functional learning courses, which can be expanded or adjusted according to the requirements of each teacher.

RISC-V has improved the previous generation of processors in all possible ways from power consumption to performance and even improved security. As another major advancement in laptop architecture, the important thing is

The complete plan for universities includes instructional content and hands-on exercises for college students, which are based on the core of the entire Western Digital SwerRV
Let students understand RISC-V fundamentally. When Creativity invited me to co-create this training course, I was happy to bring a higher level of understanding of technology to a wider audience and help them gain hands-on experience, which can shape the future of laptop architecture. "


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