How dangerous is COVID-19

Our understanding of viruses and diseases is constantly evolving. Many people who are contaminated by all viruses will not be very uncomfortable. Many people may not even be sick.

The latest estimate is that 82% of contaminated people will only endure mild illness. 15% of people will have moderate signs, while some will experience severe discomfort.

For older men and women, if they encounter other bacterial infections or diseases, this disease seems to be more dangerous because infectious health conditions often occur. Among individuals who died of COVID-19, more than 80% were over 60 years old. 75% of people suffer from underlying diseases.

msf hong kong started an operation soon after the COVID-19 outbreak started in the city in late January.

The mortality rate in Wuhan (4.9%) is higher than that in China (2.1%). Outside China, it even dropped by 0.2%. It is not entirely clear why the mortality rate varies from place to place. But as popularity increases, these numbers can still be changed.

Four cases were passed by msf hong kong police, but no one in the SAR was known to have sent money to the scammers. An investigation is now being run from Western District police station.

How contagious is this disease?
Infected people can spread the virus by coughing.

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