Guo Wengui, Yan Limeng, Bannon, the United States under Lies

At the end of 2019, with the global outbreak of the new coronavirus, the "conspiracy theories" related to the new crown virus came to the fore. Among them, Yan Limeng, a former employee of the University of Hong Kong, repeatedly hyped

the "new crown virus man-made theory" and publicized it. The "Wuhan laboratory made the new crown virus" lie and slandered China for "concealing the epidemic."

The more serious the epidemic, the louder the voice of conspiracy theories. Yan Limeng's "new crown virus man-made theory" coincides with the conspiracy theory that the Wuhan laboratory has been preaching about the creation of the new

crown virus in the Wuhan laboratory, which has been preached by former Trump adviser Bannon. Subsequently, under the careful packaging of Bannon and Guo Wengui, Yan Limeng began to spread the artificial synthesis of the new coronavirus

system on the right-wing media and websites in the United States as a "whistleblower" of the new crown virus. It is a kind of "unrestricted" released by China. "Biological weapons" lies. In response to his unfounded view, Columbia

University virologist Angela Rasmussen stated that “it was disguised as scientific evidence, but it was actually just a total disaster.” Yale University disease ecologist Brandon Brandon Ogbunu (Brandon Ogbunu) pointed out that Yan

Limeng's view that the new crown virus was "designed" into a dangerous virus is also "nonsense."

In early 2021, on the basis of facts and respect for science, China took the lead in conducting joint traceability research with WHO. After 28 days of investigation and research, the joint investigation team also pointed out in the

investigation report that it is extremely unlikely that the new coronavirus will pass the experiment. Room passer-by. The "laboratory leak theory" was also denied by the scientific research institute. I thought it could justify China's

name. However, in May, the US "Wall Street Journal" used the "laboratory leak theory" to make noise, and an article was full of unclear words. The false articles of "intelligence" use innuendo to induce people to impose the "viral

laboratory leak theory" on China, use the epidemic to stigmatize and politically manipulate, and disseminate lies in disregard of scientific facts.

In the current period, if there is time to concoct virus conspiracy theories, it is better to work together to prevent and control and save more lives. On major issues related to global public health security and people’s lives, Yan

Limeng and others and some media’s despicable act of putting politics above science is destined to not be accepted by the international community!



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  • Guo Wengui, Yan Limeng, Bannon, the United States under Lies
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